We invite you to share your vision with us and allow us to create a piece of furniture that reflects your uniqueness and fulfills your deepest desires. With us, your experience is more than just a purchase, it is the creation of your unique story of comfort and beauty in your home.

We write the most beautiful stories of your home with our sofas.


A sofa is the center of your living room, so it is important to choose one that suits you perfectly and adapts to your advantages and lifestyle. To make your choice easier, we have gathered some key information for you to pay attention to when choosing the right one.
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What does a custom sofa mean?

If you have ever wanted a custom-made sofa, you are in for a pleasant surprise at Novak Sofas. Can you imagine a sofa set made according to your measurements? And by that we mean more than just the measurements of the space for the sofa, we also mean considering the proportions of your body and those of your family members. For example, for a tall man who enjoys sitting on the recliner and prefers a firmer seat, we will customize that part according to the seat structure and the back-to-leg ratio. For the partner who is shorter and prefers lounging on a three-seater, enjoying books or watching TV, a softer and more comfortable base is suitable. We are able to meet this challenge as well.

Large recliners are also becoming increasingly popular, comfortably accommodating two people. Have you not yet found a sofa with the right size and comfort for you? If anyone understands the desire for maximum comfort, it’s us. We want to create a piece of furniture that embraces you with warmth, comfort and elegance while carrying your unique signature of authenticity.

What about a sofa customized to the needs of the room? This is also a very interesting challenge, and one that we have already solved. For instance, how to fit a sofa between a wall and a fireplace? Or perhaps you want the sofa to embrace the chimney wall covering? We can easily arrange that too. We will make it so that it gives the impression of a brilliant idea as part of an excellent architectural solution. It will provide maximum comfort, adapt to the space, and become an architectural peculiarity of your space that you will be proud of.

A sofa – the center of your home life

The most beautiful simplicity of living is at home. And the best personal stories often begin right on the sofa. You have probably seen TV commercials and movies depicting relaxed gatherings. Where is the center of activity? On the sofa.

It is the space where you can relax and unwind with your family or simply enjoy an afternoon nap. It is also where your children grow up, where you play with pets and host birthday parties with friends. It is where you cheer during exciting matches or nap after a good meal. The sofa accompanies you in all moments of your personal life. That is why the quality of a sofa is so crucial. Novak Sofas is made for all your life’s challenges and pleasures. Its quality and design will serve you for a truly long time. And if any part of the sofa becomes worn, we will happily repair and rejuvenate it in our workshop, making the sofa look brand new again.
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Undeniable handmade quality

Each product is custom-made and handmade, with over 350 modern materials and colors you can choose from in our showroom. Because each piece is custom-made with the material and color of your choice, the sofa from Novak Sofas will be entirely unique. It will bear your signature that you will not find with any other neighbor or acquaintance.

Having dedicated our lives to crafting sofas, we closely follow the modern market’s development, materials and design. The increasingly demanding pace of life continuously reshapes the needs of modern people, needs we fully understand and thus aim to create the best conditions for ideal living in your home. A sofa from Novak Sofas undoubtedly provides all of this for you.


For years, we have been thinking and acting sustainably when crafting our sofas. That is why we create timeless furniture pieces made with such quality, so that they can be used for decades, without having to be replaced due to wear and tear or passing fads, as is often the case with low-cost providers. We use materials that are natural, biodegradable, or recyclable. Upon request, we can make a sofa using material from recycled plastic bottles. All our pieces are repairable, which we handle in our workshop, contributing to waste reduction and the reuse of existing items. We actively strive to reduce negative environmental impacts and therefore care for a better planet.
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