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Estimated production time 10-12 weeks
Enter the luxurious embrace of homeliness brought to you by the LUCAS sofa. As a champion among royal sofas, it offers a soft embrace of luxurious cushions that invite you into a world of perfect comfort. LUCAS is designed for spacious living rooms, where it impressively stands as the focal point and comfortable center of your home. The spacious seat cushions are ergonomically shaped, providing excellent support to your body, while the soft fillings add extra comfort. The inviting luxury allows every family member to find their corner of maximum comfort on it.

The shelves on the backrest and sides of Lucas, perfect for your favorite book or decor, add a unique personal touch to the ensemble. The elegantly designed shelves not only bring practicality but also added aesthetic value, particularly in larger spaces.

The sofa can be made in various materials, colors, and custom layouts to fit your space. It can also be made in a U or L shape, as a three-seater or a two-seater. We can also create a recliner and an ottoman, as well as decorative pillows of your choice. It is possible to make it with or without the shelves.

Lifestyle with Lucas

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Each product is custom-made and handcrafted, allowing customers to choose from various modern materials and colors available in our showroom.

We take pride in being able to contribute to making your dreams come true, so we invite you to share your vision with us. Allow us to create a piece of furniture that reflects your uniqueness and fulfills your deepest desires. Here, your experience is not just a purchase but the creation of your own story of comfort and beauty in your home.
Sedežna garnitura Lucas
Sedežna garnitura Lucas
Sedežna garnitura Lucas

Comfort tailored to your body

We can help you find the ideal sofa that adapts to the proportions of your body and those of your family members.

Custom layouts and shapes for your space

You can choose from various module layouts that will create a unique form of the sofa tailored just for you. We can also customize the size and depth of the seats or the height of the backrest.

Choose from over 100 different colors

Barve sedežnih garnitur
You can view all of the shades of colors in our showroom and decide which one suits you best.

Choose from over 350 samples of fabric and leather

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You can view all fabric and leather patterns in our showroom and choose the one that suits you best.


Explore various examples of how a custom-made sofa comes to life in your living space. Each model is a story of its own. With its design, we fully adapt to your preferences and the features of your home.



solid wood frame, pocket spring core, HR filler


wooden, 4 cm height


metal shelves, powder-coated, black color (optional element, choice as desired)


high-quality HR filler


high-quality HR backrest filler


feather filler, dimensions 50 x 50 cm, 30 x 70 cm, or as desired


you can choose from 350 fabric and leather samples


all dimensions are adapted to the customer’s preferences


Sedežna garnitura Lucas. Tehnična risba sedežne garniture


We invite you to share your vision with us and allow us to create a piece of furniture that reflects your uniqueness and fulfills your deepest desires. With us, your experience is more than just a purchase, it is the creation of your unique story of comfort and beauty in your home.

We write the most beautiful stories of your home with our sofas.