Pohištvo narejeno v Sloveniji
As a strong Slovenian family business, we are aware of the unique blend of dedication, loyalty, and shared vision that fosters a strong sense of commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our family bond is often reflected in effective communication and decision-making, enabling greater agility and adaptability in a dynamic market. Additionally, the personal approach and values passed down through generations bring authenticity and trust, creating lasting relationships with customers and business partners. No matter how high the customers’ demands may be, at Novak’s, we always strive for uncompromising quality, top-notch designs and your satisfaction.
Ekipa Novak. Družinsko podjetje


Father and grandfather, master upholsterer Jože Novak, started his own upholstery craft in 1980 in a small workshop in Slape near Ljubljana. His principles were clear: to offer his customers quality handmade upholstered furniture, refined designs, and impeccably crafted details. His characteristic traits were precision, diligence, enthusiasm, and consistency that persevered down to the last detail.

Creating a perfect piece of upholstered furniture was a promise he never broke. Customers have always relied on him, knowing that his product would always exceed expectations. He passed on his rich craftsmanship knowledge to later generations, who still continue his vision today, with the same dedication and a team of skilled collaborators.
Jože Novak. Družinsko podjetje


With the help of new technologies and a fresh design approach, we have outgrown the boundaries of handicrafts and now successfully operate both on domestic and foreign markets. We still don’t compromise on precision in manufacturing. We continuously educate ourselves and adapt to the changes and demands of a rapidly changing modern world. We invest heavily in design development and quality materials, following global trends.

We understand that modern people are engaged in demanding daily activities and therefore deserve a comfortable and, above all, soft landing in the warm embrace of their homes. The solution is a custom-made sofa that represents the center of your living space. At Novak Sofas, we take care of this with the utmost pleasure.
Izdelovanje pohištva. Naša zgodba
Izdelovanje pohištva. Naša zgodba
Izdelovanje pohištva. Naša zgodba


We always have a personal conversation and provide advice, and the offer always includes the delivery and assembly. We are familiar with modern trends and are stocked with the best materials from the global market. Additionally, we create our own visions while collaborating with designers and architects to shape our own solutions for the challenges of modern living. The fact that we are successful at this is also proven by the numerous awards we have received for our products.
Reddot design award
Društvo oblikovalcev Slovenije. Pohištvo leta 2016


We invite you to share your vision with us and allow us to create a piece of furniture that reflects your uniqueness and fulfills your deepest desires. With us, your experience is more than just a purchase, it is the creation of your unique story of comfort and beauty in your home.

We write the most beautiful stories of your home with our sofas.