Every product is custom-made and crafted by hand, allowing the client to choose from various contemporary materials and colors available in our showroom.
We take pride in being able to contribute to realizing your dreams, so we invite you to share your vision with us. Allow us to create a piece of furniture that reflects your uniqueness and fulfills your deepest desires. With us, your experience is more than just a purchase, it is the true creation of your own story of comfort and beauty in your home.

The basic furniture models can be customized in terms of the number and dimensions of individual elements, cushion firmness, leg shape, material and fabric color.
Izbira osnovnega modela sedežne garniture

Select the basic model

Izbira velikosti in število modulov sedežne garniture

Choose the size and number of modules

Prilagoditev mer sedežne garniture telesu

Customize the sofa to fit your body's measurements and comfort

Izbira materiala oziroma tkanine

Choose the material (fabric)

Izbira barve sedežne garniture

Choose the color

Congratulations! You have created a unique sofa tailored just for you!


Every living room has its own spatial laws, just like yours. Are you looking for a sofa that will perfectly fit your space and find it challenging to find it among the standard offers? Then a custom-made sofa is the right solution for you.
This means that we precisely measure your space and personally advise you on the most suitable sofa. Together, we choose the one that maximizes the functional utilization of your space and emphasizes the character of your architectural style at the same time.

We customize our sofas based on more than just measurements (width, height, and length), we also tackle special challenges such as:
We love challenges, so we can adapt to all of the demands of your space.

We are happy to assist you. Write to us or give us a call at:
Personalizirana sedežna garnitura
Personalizirana sedežna garnitura
Personalizirana sedežna garnitura


From the very beginning, we have been handmaking our furniture from the highest quality materials, making it more durable.

Handmaking our furniture allows us to perfectly align with your preferences and living conditions. It enables us to create furniture pieces that are unique and entirely tailored to your desires and the environment you live in. Additionally, handcrafting allows us to focus on the smallest details, ensuring top-notch results and guaranteeing that each piece of furniture meets your expectations.


We invite you to visit our showroom, schedule a consultation with us, or give us a call. We are happy to advise you!