Enhance the comfort and style of your home with a recliner that not only invites you to relax, but also adds a touch of elegance to your living space. The top-notch design with a stable structure and comfortable padding promises to be the perfect relaxation zone after a long day, and it also significantly contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Treat yourself to the luxury of comfort and sophistication with an elegant recliner from Novak Sofas.


Our elegant and high-quality bar stools are created according to your wishes and needs, making them the perfect addition to any kitchen, dining room, bar or restaurant. The chrome-plated base ensures excellent stability and load-bearing capacity, while the modern and thoughtful design gives a remarkably light and harmonious feel. Each model can be further customized to your preferences and taste, allowing us to create a bar stool that perfectly meets your expectations.
Postelje Novak


Indulge in perfect relaxation with an elegant and comfortably upholstered bed. Its softly upholstered side panels offer unparalleled comfort and elegance. Create a fresh aesthetic upgrade of your bedroom and contribute to your well-being with a luxurious upholstered bed that combines style and comfort for the perfect sleeping sanctuary.


The Googy children’s rocking horse, designed and crafted by the companies Novak and Wilson Design, was conceived and created in response to the need for a softer, safer, and overall, a more comfortable version of the traditional rocking horse. Nevertheless, it retains all the wonderful features of the old-fashioned rocking horse for toddlers, providing hours of enjoyable fun and entertainment. Meet the Red Dot Award-winning Googy. You can order Googy in two different sizes (small and large). You can also choose from various colors and materials that will complement the look of your space.


We invite you to share your vision with us and allow us to create a piece of furniture that reflects your uniqueness and fulfills your deepest desires. With us, your experience is more than just a purchase, it is the creation of your unique story of comfort and beauty in your home.

We write the most beautiful stories of your home with our sofas.